Thank you for your interest in wholesale

Doggies Design is proud to say that the number of its partners is growing rapidly. We provide a wide range of benefits for our partners worldwide starting with a complete package of marketing materials, direct links, promotions, retailer guarantee programs, presale options and so much more. We are a small business and love to team up with other small businesses. If you think joining our partners would benefit you, fill out the contact form below and we’ll reach out. For product availability and inventory inquiries, please contact us via mail (sales@doggiesdesign.com)

As a retailer you will gain many benefits

Free Marketing Materials

Special discounts

Guarantee Program

No maximum MSRP

Free Marketing Materials contain high-resolution photos of products and dogs that can be used in social media, websites and brochures. We provide full access to our marketing kit and many more. If you want to use our photos elsewhere please contact us first via email.

As a new-joiner Retailer, you’ll get access to our retailer price list. We offer two options of retail prices for starter and premium partners. To get more information, without any obligations, please fill out the application form above.

We offer guarantees on products for low-risk purchases. Sounds great? If you would like to hear more, please fill out the application form and we’ll send you our retailer brochure with the rates and conditions.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price has not been limited to our Retailers. It is up to the Retailer to decide the retail price, though we suggest using our online prices plus 15% added by the cost of shipping. For more information, please send us an email at sales@doggiesdesign.com